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Deliver unique onboarding experiences without drowning in manual work.

Create a welcoming experience that boosts your employer brand and helps new team members become productive faster wherever they work from. All while drastically reducing your manual workload.

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These fast-growing companies are hiring hundreds of people every year without having to worry about onboarding.

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Onboarding new hires like it's 2019 means failing them from day 1.

The way we work is going through the greatest revolution in decades. Organizations have to rethink the way they collaborate, meet, and upskill.

And onboarding is a crucial experience for every team member.

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A spreadsheet won't drive experience

Giving everyone enough individual attention takes time. Once you're hiring multiple people a month, all the scheduling, tracking, sending, and reminding will cost you hours.

Screen of Zavvy's automated onboarding software: Step by step process that can be filled with rich text, company mission, intros,...
Automated employee onboarding training tool. New hires are automatically assigned get guided content


...and neither will over-loading people with info

Most onboarding tools are limited to dry tasks via email. And wikis fail to take people on a motivating journey.
They need motivation, guidance, human interaction, and engaging content to become productive and feel home right away.

Deliver onboarding experiences at a click. With Zavvy.


Setting up a journey on Zavvy is as easy as writing an email.


Onboard hundreds of people with peace of mind through automatic assignments.


Stay on top of progress with powerful insights throughout the journey.


Integrate Slack and MS Teams to create experiences beyond dry content.

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Build your first onboarding in minutes.

Choose a template or start from scratch. Easily combine elements like images, videos, and gifs via drag-and-drop. Embed content from your favorite tools like Typeform for surveys and quizzes, Loom for videos, and the Google or Microsoft Suite for all your documents. Setting up a journey on Zavvy is as easy as writing an email.

Screen of Zavvy's automated onboarding software: Step by step process that can be filled with rich text, company mission, intros,...
Automated employee onboarding training tool. New hires are automatically assigned get guided content


Assign with a click and save hours

Manage and assign journeys to your new colleagues with the click of a button. Help them stay on track through automated reminders. Make knowledge stick through quizzes and reflections.


Track and take action

Access your dashboard to understand where people are in the process, track completions of mandatory courses, and measure impact. Automatically collect feedback to improve along the way.

Screen of Zavvy's automated onboarding software: Step by step process that can be filled with rich text, company mission, intros,...
The employee onboarding software's automation capabilities allow for assignment tracking, automated sending out of messages, reminders, matching people with onboarding buddies, feedback collection, and more.


Give your people an experience they will enjoy

Reach new hires and colleagues directly in the flow of work with scheduled messages via Slack or Microsoft Teams. Connect them to each other with personal intros or engage them with casual reminders.

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Create an onboarding experience new team members will love

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Employee Onboarding Software
that makes everyone's life easier

Save time without scaling your cost. Set up a one-time process of introducing new hires to everyday workflows, and colleagues.

Benefit of automated employee onboarding  software 3: Save time

Offer clarity on role expectations and internal tools. New developer? Train them on your tech stack. New CS manager? Guide them through your product.

Benefit of automated employee onboarding software: Speed to prductivity

Employees are one of your biggest assets. Make them feel valuable with thoughtfully designed processes. Result? Increased job satisfaction and retention.

Benefit of automated employee onboarding 6

Things are easily lost when repeatedly sending documents to new hires over email. Ensure everyone gets the same, complete, information.

Benefit of automated employee onboarding software: Structure

Make all your company knowledge easily accessible so you spend less time answering common questions.

Employee onboarding software makes sure you get less ad-hoc requests

Sure, compliance is boring. But it's important. Know when everyone finishes their mandatory training - with proof.

Include mandatory training into your automated employee onboarding software workflow

How Employee Onboarding Software helps you create experiences at scale

About a third of new hires leaves during their first 6 months in the job. One of the main reasons for that: A bad onboarding experience. With the right employee onboarding software, you will create a lasting impression from day 1 - wherever your colleagues work from. For happier, more engaged employees.

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What is employee onboarding?

This is the process where you bring in new employees and get them oriented to your company. They sign paperwork with HR, do trainings, and generally get adjusted to the way the company works.

Onboarding often involves general training, outlining your company processes and procedures for your new employees.

What is employee onboarding software?

Employee onboarding software is designed for self-paced employee trainings. Your employees can use the software to learn about the company, proper procedures, and the general ins and outs of the business.

New employees will be guided through trainings and procedures, learning from the computer the ways they need to do things for your particular company.

Benefits of employee onboarding software

Employee onboarding software for startups and for established companies can provide several benefits to new employees. It is a great way to keep things consistent, easily changed, and relevant to your business.

By using software for your onboarding, you ensure that when the employee sits down at their desk on day one, they have a guiding hand to walk them through everything. This can be done even if you have trouble getting people to walk the new employees through everything. And by keeping things the same, you ensure you don't have important instructions that get forgotten or drop through the cracks.

How long should onboarding take?

Three months is a commonly used number, although the onboarding process can vary greatly depending on your business. Really, it should take as long as it needs to take.

Whatever the length, having dedicated software for your onboarding can really make sure things are handled well, especially over so much time.

What to include in onboarding?

The more knowledge you give to people proactively, the safer they will feel and the more productive they can be from the start.

A proper employee onboarding incl. preboarding should include

  • Company intro and values
  • A warm intro to the team and people
  • Functional training: Everything they need to become productive fast
  • Celebration of milestones and appreciation
  • Regular feedback
  • Company guides like WFH policies
  • Quizzes to make the knowledge stick
  • Reflections to help people contemplate about their contribution to the bigger picture

How does Zavvy's Employee Onboarding Software help?

With Zavvy's workflow builder, you can easily structure and automate complex onboarding processes and give your new hires rich experiences from day one.
The setup only takes a few minutes and with our templates you'll be able to get started quickly.

You can use Zavvy to:

  • Structure your onboarding so everybody gets the same treatment.
  • Integrate the tools you use every day so you won't have to keep things up-to-date in different places.
  • Connect people with each other for intros, calls, and group conversations to ensure a human experience.
  • Assign tasks to others to make sure they order laptops, prepare their intros, and more.
  • Guide people through a step-by-step process that doesn't overwhelm them but checks in on a regular basis and celebrates milestones.