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360 Feedback Software

Drive meaningful development & performance with 360° feedback

Run the employee feedback system of your dreams to assess leadership, performance, and career progression. Create strategic insights that inspire action and targeted growth.

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Leading People teams at mid-sized companies are building a feedback culture with Zavvy.

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What's your feedback goal?

Learn how Taktile runs structured feedback reviews along the employee journey
1-Year Headcount Growth
8 hours
Weekly Time Saved
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Learn how Crossengage saves 114 hours of manual work per feedback cycle
Found feedback "Very helpful" for development
Hours saved per employee/cycle
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Learn how Crossengage enables transparent progression by combining feedback and career paths
Found feedback "Very helpful" for development
Hours saved per employee/cycle
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Running 360 feedback well? Easier said than done.

It's messy

Sending spreadsheets back and forth to people managers and peers, consolidating them, losing them on scattered sharepoints. Sound familiar?

It costs time

People managers don't have the time they'd need to do it well. And peers often struggle with giving constructive feedback in the first place.

It's useless without meaning

Feedback is only worth as much as the action it drives. It needs clear insights, reflection, and outcomes.

360 feedback culture at a click

Customize your system in detail

Set up a company-wide feedback system for upward, downward, peer, or self. Fully customized to your needs.

Run it on autopilot

Automatically run an open growth culture where targeted feedback is a natural part of the day.

Drive development with precision

Use data-driven insights to enable more meaningful conversations. Drive performance, engagement, and development.

One tool for any kind of feedback

There's a template for that.

Need some inspiration?
Templates from best-in-class companies and our learning scientists are just a click away.


Create the feedback system of your dreams

Set up your highly customized feedback process with just a few clicks. Combine feedback types, manage transparency, choose questions, customize audiences.

And let Zavvy do the rest.

360 Grad Feedback Einstellungen in Zavvy's Software
Sample 360 feedback process from the view of an employee in Zavvy's software.

Run a fully-automated feedback process your people will love

Run a fully-automated feedback process your people will love

Assign and engage people based on the criteria you set before.
Help them give more constructive feedback by consulting with our AI assistant.
Creating a feedback culture has never been easier. All automatically and without you having to spend hours sending around spreadsheets.


Know where to support and take targeted action

No more guesswork. Calibrate and leverage the insights for more meaningful 1:1s, monthly or quarterly reviews, development talks, and much more. With transparent, fairer evaluations in one central place.

See it in action

Feedback that is meaningful, not wasted.

Create a 360 feedback process that directly ties into the bigger picture.


of employees rate recognition and performance management as the leading drivers of engagement.



of Fortune 500 companies are already using 360 feedback to drive performance and growth.


Run the feedback system of
 your dreams

Run continuous feedback programs that drive engagement, performance, and growth.

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Integrating your favorite tools

No need to add people one-by-one. Import profiles from Personio easily with just a few clicks.
Automatically sync base date so you won't have to invite people or roles yourself.
Automatically sync base date so you won't have to invite people or roles yourself.
Reach people where they are. Push automatic notifications or foster exchange.
Reach people where they are. Push automatic notifications or foster exchange.
Embed surveys, quizzes, or interactive exercises.
Embed your Google Sheets, Docs, Presentations, or Forms directly.
Embed any YouTube video to enrich your journeys with external content or homemade clips.
Embed any Vimeo video to enrich your journeys with external content or homemade clips.
Record tutorials or intros in seconds and directly embed them into your journeys.
Directly embed your Powerpoint decks, Excel sheets, Word docs and more.
Enable Google Single Sign-On (SSO) to make signup as easy as it gets.
Enable Okta Single Sign-On (SSO) for a seamless registration process.
No need to add people one-by-one. Import profiles from Personio easily with just a few clicks.

How 360 Feedback Software helps you drive performance and development

360 feedback is the most effective way to gather transparent and fair insights into people performance and development. Trusted by pretty much all innovative companies in the space, there are different ways to apply the concept. The right tool helps companies automate the manual work behind juggling spreadsheets and ensuring anonymity so people teams can focus on what matters most.

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What is 360-degree feedback, and what are the major components?

360-degree feedback, also known as multi-rater feedback or multi-source feedback) is a performance evaluation system used to solicit employee feedback from managers, peers, CEOs, supervisors, and even customers. It provides a way for employers to gain comprehensive valuable insight into their employees' skills, abilities, and behavior for more effective training and employee development plans.

An effective 360-degree feedback system includes:

  • Clear objectives;
  • A framework for the competencies under evaluation;
  • Well-defined stakeholders;
  • Clear messaging and guidelines for all participants;
  • A clear timeline and follow-up plan.

How do you conduct 360-degree feedback?

Here are the steps for a successful process 360-degree feedback process:

  1. Communicate the reason for the 360-degree feedback.
  2. Select the appropriate type of feedback- It could be self-review, downward feedback, peer review, or upward feedback)
  3. Create questions or feedback surveys.
  4. Determine who should see real-time feedback.
  5. Select who will be under review.
  6. Determine how long the 360-degree feedback will take.
  7. Gather feedback reports from all relevant stakeholders and summarize results.
  8. Deliver actionable feedback and create an action plan for employees' personal development.

You can take inspiration from successful implementations of 360-degree reviews if you don't know where to start. 

Netflix, for example, veers away from traditional performance reviews thanks to its 360-degree feedback system that champions career development.

With Zavvy, you can run a successful review process like the one pioneered by Netflix. Check out our entire Netflix case study & step-by-step process.

How effective is 360-degree feedback as an appraisal review system?

Companies use performance appraisal to provide feedback to employees and identify their strengths and weaknesses. However, due to its downward feedback nature, these systems usually don't give a complete picture of an employee's performance, with managers providing unnatural advice.

With 360-degree feedback, companies can get more comprehensive data to assess employee performance.

More holistic approach- With a larger pool of reviewers, companies can get a broader and more accurate perspective on an employee's performance, enhancing professional relationships and productivity.

Encourages growth culture- Since companies gather much constructive feedback, employees can be more open in the workplace, promoting a growth culture.

More accurate appraisal process- When anonymous feedback is allowed, participants are likelier to be truthful in their assessments, resulting in a more precise appraisal process.

Develops self-awareness among employees- 360-degree feedback also allows for self-evaluation. The goal is to help employees understand what they can do to improve their skills and character for career development.

What is 360-degree feedback software?

A 360-degree feedback software is an invaluable tool that automates gathering 360-degree feedback. This software offers a wide range of key features, customization, and ease of use to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly and effectively.

How beneficial is 360-degree feedback software?

360-degree feedback tools help you:

  • Collect high-quality data and unbiased reviews with easy-to-use survey templates created by learning scientists.
  • Set up the feedback system of your dreams with critical features like the highly customizable 360-degree feedback builder.
  • Decide which feedback should be anonymous and which should not be with its advanced anonymity settings.
  • Enhance one on ones using valuable insights.
  • Calibrate results from competency-based, culture-based, and teamwork feedback.
  • Measure remote engagement and job satisfaction for your remote workforce.
  • Improve onboarding experiences for new hires by collecting relevant insights via onboarding surveys.
  • Link feedback reports to other use cases like role cards, action plans, and professional growth plans making feedback more holistic and valuable for employees in creating new focus areas.
  • Add hidden questions to collect information for promotion, salary, and bonus decisions, as well as termination & hiring decisions.

Are 360 feedback tools anonymous?

Unlike traditional performance reviews, many 360 feedback tools offer anonymous feedback allowing for honest feedback and unbiased review. 

Our tool has advanced anonymity settings, which means you can decide who sees what and when. Plus, you can add hidden questions.

What can I use 360 feedback software for?

Leadership development, personal development, and engaged, high-performing teams are all possible with Zavvy's suite of features.

You can use Zavvy's 360 feedback software to:

  • easily set up a meaningful, growth-oriented 360-degree feedback process and get rid of tedious manual processes.
  • enable multi-rater anonymous feedback.
  • run more objective performance reviews and discover manager blind spots.
  • gain valuable insights into employee performance, engagement, well-being,
  • improve job satisfaction and employee morale.
  • listen to the voice of your employees.
  • collect anonymous, honest feedback.
  • enhance your organization's employee development plans with real-time feedback.
  • train your employees to give actionable feedback.
  • send email reminders.
  • connect the dots between performance reviews and employee development.

Plus, with Zavvy, you'll also get:

  • a dedicated customer success manager to coach you through the process
  • one of our learning scientists will assist you set up an unbiased review
  • a 14-day free trial