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AI-Enhanced Learning Management System

Build, manage, and run engaging training programs

Create and run your own courses without having to worry about manual assignments, constant reminders, outdated formats, or progress-tracking. Be faster than ever with AI.

Automated Learning Management System with modern course formats

People teams at forward-thinking mid-sized companies train their people with Zavvy

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Skills are the currency of work.

The half-life of skills is 5 years.
And continuous training is the only way to stay on top.

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A fully-fledged LMS without compromise

Flexible Course Builder

Building an engaging course on Zavvy is as easy as writing a Word or Notion doc.

AI Writing Assistant

Say goodbye to staring at blank pages and get to your first draft 10x faster.

Modern formats

Go beyond oldschool courses with social and micro learning, Slack or Teams.


Ensure knowledge retention with customizable multiple choice questions.


Give learners something they can keep by rewarding them with tangible certificates.

Smart automation

Automatically assign courses or events based on the criteria you set.

Progress tracking

Stay on top of progress, see where people are stuck, and stay in control.

And way more

SCORM integration, live events, external libraries, training budget management, ...

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Build and launch innovative course formats in minutes

Choose a course from our library or create your own. Combine modern formats like micro learning and group activities to launch courses that go beyond outdated and boring web-based trainings.

🪄 Never start with a blank page again and create any course in minutes, thanks to our smart AI assistant.

AI-based development plan on zavvy

Get that first draft done in minutes with AI


Starting with a blank page, every time?

Spend more time polishing drafts into engaging courses you can be proud of.

  • Let our AI-course builder for formats like micro, self-paced, cohort-based, How-to playbooks, and workshops build your first draft.
  • Polish your courses leveraging formats like group activities, quizzes, tasks, video, and more.
  • The result: More engaging, effective, and hyper-specialized courses. And less time wasted in groundwork.

Bring all your internal knowledge into one central place

Your company's knowledge and policies are scattered all over the web? Bridge knowledge gaps and align the whole company with your organization's own, internal training library. Combine self-made courses with external sources all in one central place. Let people access and enroll anytime.

Internal learning library

Step 4 - Engage

Stay on top of progress

Automatically track completions and progress of compliance courses with dashboards for every program. Measure participation in seconds without having to waste your time asking.

Stay on top of progress

Automate the busywork

Automatically assign courses based on tenure, department, location, and more.

You define the criteria, we take care of the rest. So you don't have to worry about messy training plans and can focus on what matters instead.

Leverage science-backed methods that are built for humans.

Spaced Repetition

Spaced repetition increases knowledge by up to 50 percent (vs. focused learning), and strengthens retention for up to two years.


Micro Learning

Google managers who received a whisper lesson improved on that behavior by 22-40 percentage points vs. a control.


Social Learning

Social exchange makes learning more effective as learners create more neural connections. Plus, it strengthens motivation.


How our customers are making efficient training work for everyone

Integrating your favorite tools

No need to add people one-by-one. Import profiles from Personio easily with just a few clicks.
Automatically sync base date so you won't have to invite people or roles yourself.
Automatically sync base date so you won't have to invite people or roles yourself.
Reach people where they are. Push automatic notifications or foster exchange.
Reach people where they are. Push automatic notifications or foster exchange.
Embed surveys, quizzes, or interactive exercises.
Embed your Google Sheets, Docs, Presentations, or Forms directly.
Embed any YouTube video to enrich your journeys with external content or homemade clips.
Embed any Vimeo video to enrich your journeys with external content or homemade clips.
Record tutorials or intros in seconds and directly embed them into your journeys.
Directly embed your Powerpoint decks, Excel sheets, Word docs and more.
Enable Google Single Sign-On (SSO) to make signup as easy as it gets.
Enable Okta Single Sign-On (SSO) for a seamless registration process.
No need to add people one-by-one. Import profiles from Personio easily with just a few clicks.

Train your people on autopilot

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For People Teams AND People

"I am so happy I chose Zavvy over all the other products we considered. It is amazing to work with you.
Many employees of ours stated it was the best onboarding experience they ever had and most of them worked in many different companies"
Danielle Rouse
People Operations Partner
“Our company is growing extremely fast. Zavvy helps us onboard new colleagues at scale and get them up to speed quickly. What they value most is the engaging experience that motivates them and tests their knowledge."
Christina Stihl
People Partner
"I really like how straightforward, simple, and user-friendly the tool is. Even if you use it for the first time, you won’t get confused."
Nevena Buzek
People Experience Manager
“I’m very proud of our onboarding experience. Our goal was to increase the candidate experience and create an innovative process. And we did. The feedback we’re getting from new colleagues is great!”
Nina Hübner
Team Lead Recruiting
"We effortlessly scaled our onboarding across 50 locations, while our new hires rate their experience very highly."
Barbara Imm
Head of HR
"Due to our innovative leadership trainings on Zavvy, 100% of all people managers feel supported in their growth"

Patrizia Przybylski
Senior People Operations Consultant
"The best Onboarding process of my career thus far. Awesome!"
Caroline Orie
Senior Consultant Privacy

What's an LMS and what else should I know? (FAQs)

Get answers to the most common questions about Learning Management Systems answer right here.

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1. What is a Learning Management System (LMS), and what are its main benefits for organizations? 

A Learning Management System (LMS) or a cloud-based learning management system is a powerful learning and development software that enables organizations, corporations, and educational institutions to create, manage, and deliver online training content. With an LMS, organizations can streamline the process of tracking learner progress and generating reports for performance analysis. 

The main benefits of an LMS include the following:

  • Cost-effective: While you need to pay subscription fees for an LMS, it is still a cost-effective solution as it eliminates the need for traditional face-to-face training, reducing travel and accommodation expenses. 

  • Saves time: An LMS automates manual tasks such as scheduling, printing, and distributing learning materials, freeing up valuable time and resources for trainers and admins.

  • Improved employee performance: An LMS offers customized learning paths for each learner, providing a tailored learning experience that meets their specific needs, which improves engagement, knowledge retention, and performance.

  • Gives you valuable data: An LMS offers real-time tracking and reporting of learner progress, enabling organizations to measure the effectiveness of their training programs and make data-driven improvements.

  • Reduces staff turnover: Since LMS allows personalized learning, it provides opportunities for employees to acquire new skills and knowledge, leading to increased job satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

2. How does an LMS support the creation, delivery, and management of learning content?

Learning Management Systems offer various features to streamline the creation, delivery, and management of an organization’s learning content, including

  • software integrations
  • customizable quizzes and surveys
  • notifications and reminders
  • and the ability to embed multimedia content easily.

3. How does Zavvy LMS support different learning formats, such as self-paced learning, instructor-led training, or blended learning?

Zavvy’s cloud-based learning management system provides various training-specific features that support different learning formats. 

For self-directed learning, employees can enroll in courses that match their needs and interests, enabling them to learn at their own pace. 

For instructor-led training, managers can create and upload training courses, assign them to learners, track their progress, and generate reports.

For blended learning, we offer learning mediums such as articles, videos, audio, and other resources for learners to choose what works best for them. Our software also allows learners to create personalized learning paths and promote learner interaction by assigning social learning tasks, whether in-person or online. 

4. What types of learning content can be uploaded, organized, and delivered through a learning management system?

Learning Management Systems can deliver a wide range of learning content, including:

  • 📚 Online courses
  • 🎥 Audio, video, and reading materials
  • 📃 Documents such as PDFs, MS Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, etc.
  • ❓ Quizzes
  • 📝 Surveys

5. Can Zavvy’s LMS integrate with existing HR systems, Learning Experience Platforms (LXP), or other software solutions?

Yes. Zavvy’s Learning Management System is flexible and interoperable, allowing seamless integration with various third-party software applications and tools. This includes communication channels like Slack, Gmail, or MS Teams, applicant tracking systems, HR software like Personio; file storage tools like Google Drive and OneDrive; and video-sharing platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, and Loom. 

Moreover, our software is an all-in-one place for HR systems such as employee onboarding, offboarding, employee training and development, and more. 

6. Is Zavvy’s LMS suitable for organizations of all sizes, including small, medium, and large enterprises?

Yes, we cater to businesses of all sizes. In fact, our current client base includes companies with 50 - 3000+ employees. Our learning management system is scalable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each organization, regardless of size. Our software can also support large numbers of active users, online training courses, and employee training programs for larger enterprises.

7. Can Zavvy’s LMS track and report on employee learning progress, performance, and course completion? 

Yes! Our learning management system can track step completions, the number of course participants, and completion rates for each course. In addition to these metrics, our software also provides surveys and assessments to gauge employee training effectiveness and learner satisfaction.

8. How does the LMS handle learner registration, enrollment, and course assignments?

Learner Registration: Learners can just easily create their own accounts or administrators can register them on their behalf. Learners typically need to provide basic information which can be used to track their progress, enroll them in online courses, and send them notifications about upcoming assignments.

Enrollment: Enrollment can be done by invitation from an instructor or self-enrollment. The learner needs to navigate the platform and check the available courses and learning plans aligned to their career path. 

Course Assignments: Managers can create and assign courses to learners with corresponding deadlines. Once the activity is assigned, learners will be able to access it and complete it according to the specified requirements. They will then receive feedback and track their progress throughout the course.

9. Is Zavvy’s LMS user-friendly and intuitive for learners, instructors, HR personnel, and managers?

Yes. Our learning management system has an intuitive user interface, navigation, and step-by-step instructions, enabling learners to focus on the content without getting distracted. Additionally, Zavvy’s learning management system offers user-friendly templates that make it easy for instructors and HR personnel to create and manage training courses and training materials without extensive technical knowledge.

10. How is Zavvy’s LMS priced, and what are the different pricing plans?

Zavvy’s learning management system starts at $4 / 4€ per employee and month, with customized pricing plans tailored to your company’s needs. All plans include implementation and live chat support, user-level progress tracking, a company dashboard, custom analytics, single sign-on, integrations, and access to a template library. 

11. Are there any case studies or testimonials from other organizations that have successfully implemented and benefited from using Zavvy’s LMS?

Zavvy’s LMS has been successfully implemented by several organizations, including digital healthcare company Avimedical and fitness app Freeletics. 

Avi Medical faced challenges in providing sufficient training to their medical staff amid complex training requirements and diverse educational backgrounds. They needed to get people up to speed quickly and have people continuously train. Zavvy’s LMS provided a solution through blended learning, immersive live training, and continuous learning journeys, resulting in great feedback from learners, high learner engagement, reduced error rates, and an overall more efficient way to attain knowledge.

Another organization that has seen the benefits of using Zavvy’s LMS is Freeletics. Because of their people managers’ busy schedules, the company faced the challenge of getting them up to speed with effective leadership. They successfully implemented a blended learning program, a people manager roundtable, and leadership onboarding through Zavvy’s integration features, micro-learning lessons, and onboarding software. 

As a result, the company was able to implement a full-scale leadership program at a fraction of traditional training costs and with a high return on time investment compared to conventional training. Additionally, 100% of all people managers reported feeling supported in their growth and development. 

12. Is a free trial or demo available to test the platform before committing to a purchase? 

Yes. You can schedule a demo to get a live introduction to the platform, receive an individual consultation for you and your team, and an overview of all major features and best practices from our learning experience consultants. 

We can also give you access to a 14-day free trial.

13. What types of customer support are available for Zavvy’s LMS?

We have a team of employee experience specialists trained in learning science who can give you hands-on support on getting started and training people when implementing the platform. 

We offer weekly calls, live Slack support, and live chat within the tool, so you never have to wait long for a response.