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📆 Upcoming Live Sessions

The exact time of the live session will be determined once a certain amount of people have signed up.
Previous live sessions have been on Thursdays, 4:30pm Berlin time (10:30 NY time).

What are Zavvy live sessions?

Working in People, Culture and HR Teams of modern companies, we constantly face new challenges

  • How do we set up competency frameworks for the entire company?
  • How do we link performance management to compensation and promotions?
  • How do we provide the entire team with meaningful learning opportunities?
  • How do we effectively scale complex processes like onboarding and feedback?
  • How do we establish an inclusive, wellbeing oriented yet high-performing company culture?

The list is endless.

Our impact on our companies’ success is bigger than ever before. Nothing is more important than the people. Nonetheless, it is very difficult to get access to best practices and experiences of People Professionals who face similar challenges as we do. No wonder, we often feel slightly overwhelmed and insecure.

This is why we launched Zavvy Live Sessions:

Regular peer-to-peer live sessions that deeply impact the way we work. Honest and practical input from people who work in the same field as you.

No theoretical blabla, real value. Always. For free.

Sign up for upcoming live sessions by registering for topic above.

The format:

  • Small groups
  • Somebody brings a challenge (as per the topics proposed above)
  • Everybody actively participates - Camera on.
  • Moderated by a Zavvy People Enablement Specialist

📝 Templates & Slack Community

What is it?

Our community is a place for motivated People Operations professionals who want to make a strategic impact. We learn from each others' experiences and concrete examples from top-notch companies. Topics include HR strategy, performance, development, training, engagement, and more.


For example...

  • ⬆️ The exact upward feedback survey Google uses to asses manager performance
    - as a ready-to-use Google Forms template
  • 🔀 Gitlab's career progression framework for 7+ roles
  • 🏳️‍🌈 The 5 questions Microsofts asks to measure inclusion
  • ...and at least one more every week

Access the collective knowledge of other People Ops Pros

The chance to ask questions and get answers from people who have faced similar challenges before.

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