eNPS Survey Software

Keep your finger on the pulse of engagement and satisfaction

Continuously measure satisfaction via employee net promoter score (eNPS) to always know how people feel and react quickly.

Add additional metrics to dive deeper - and launch concrete activities to act upon the feedback.

Employee net promoter score survey software by Zavvy

People teams at leading companies use Zavvy to drive engagement

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Measure eNPS
- and drive it.

Instant insights

Instead of letting issues bottle up for months, react instantly.

Fully anonymous

Let people speak up without fear and give all employees an equal voice.

High participation rates

Easy for HR teams to set up - and even easier for people to answer.

Beyond enps

Want to react on poor results? Our tool suite has got you covered.


Run anonymous eNPS surveys that just work

Create simple recurring surveys that are fully customized to your goals via drag-and-drop.

  • Audiences: Everyone in the company, leaders only, certain departments or locations?
  • When to go out: Monthly? Same time for everyone - or relative to hiring date?
  • Questions: Keep it simple with eNPS only - or add questions to drill down.
  • Full anonymity settings: Who should see the results? And what should they see? Let employees speak up without fear.
  • ...
Performance review software customization options
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Need some inspiration beyond eNPS?

Go deeper than measuring just one score to drive deeper insights.
Templates created by best-in-class companies and our learning scientists are just a click away.

Sample 360 feedback process from the view of an employee in Zavvy's software.

Run a fully-automated feedback process your people will love

Get deep insights on autopilot

What the tool will do: Automatically sending out the survey, collecting answers, reminding participants, visualizing the results in detailed dashboards with all kinds of drilldown options.

What you will do: Regularly accessing your dashboard and making decisions based on data.

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React quickly instead of letting issues bottle up

Get instant analytics and keep improving your workplace.

engagement survey question builder tool with scales and open formats

The only eNPS software
you'll ever need

See how Zavvy's eNPS and engagement module lets you keep a pulse on people and react quickly.

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For People Teams AND People

"I am so happy I chose Zavvy over all the other products we considered. It is amazing to work with you.
Many employees of ours stated it was the best onboarding experience they ever had and most of them worked in many different companies"
Danielle Rouse
People Operations Partner
“Our company is growing extremely fast. Zavvy helps us onboard new colleagues at scale and get them up to speed quickly. What they value most is the engaging experience that motivates them and tests their knowledge."
Christina Stihl
People Partner
"I really like how straightforward, simple, and user-friendly the tool is. Even if you use it for the first time, you won’t get confused."
Nevena Buzek
People Experience Manager
“I’m very proud of our onboarding experience. Our goal was to increase the candidate experience and create an innovative process. And we did. The feedback we’re getting from new colleagues is great!”
Nina Hübner
Team Lead Recruiting
"We effortlessly scaled our onboarding across 50 locations, while our new hires rate their experience very highly."
Barbara Imm
Head of HR
"Due to our innovative leadership trainings on Zavvy, 100% of all people managers feel supported in their growth"

Patrizia Przybylski
Senior People Operations Consultant
"The best Onboarding process of my career thus far. Awesome!"
Caroline Orie
Senior Consultant Privacy

How eNPS survey software helps you make data-driven people decisions

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is a proven, well-established metric for measuring employee satisfaction and engagement easily and over time. With the right software, you can not only do this with absolute easy, but also act upon the results.

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What is eNPS?

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is a barometer for measuring engagement. It is a well-established metrics, used by companies like Apple, Netflix, Hubspot, and many more.

It is based on one standardized question (score: 0-10):

How likely are you to recommend our company as a workplace to a friend?

Respnses are then divided into 3 categories:

  • 9-10: Promoters
  • 7-8: Neutrals
  • 0-6: Detractors

To calculate your final score, you take the percentage of promoters and subtract the detractors:

eNPS = % Promoters – % Detractors

How is it different from traditional feedback?

Unlike traditional feedback methods, eNPS provides a quick and consistent pulse on employee engagement and loyalty. It's really easy to collect and hence achieves high participation rates.

The main advantage is to swiftly address concerns, as it's usually collect on a high cadence (e.g. monthly).

Are results anonymous?

ENPS results are usually collected anonymously to ensure that people answer honestly without fearing consequences.

On Zavvy, you are in deep control over who can see what, and you can even customize if people see who sees their results.

What you can, however, also do is drill down into departments, locations, or other variables to get a better understanding of root issues.

How often should we send surveys?

The frequency of eNPS surveys can vary based on your company's needs. Common practices are monthly or quarterly surveys.

Why use software?

Zavvy's eNPS software takes care of

  • Managing anonymity
  • Automatically sending the survey our on a regular basis
  • Reminding participants
  • Gathering the data and visualizing it

Plus, based on your results, you can also offer your people engaging programs such as career paths, training budgets, better onboarding, 360 feedback, and much more. All in one tool.