About us

We are an international team helping employees and organizations to create a habit of learning.

Joshua Cornelius
Past: Co-founded and exited Freeletics. CDTM alum.
Mehmet Yilmaz
Past: Co-founded and exited Freeletics. CDTM alum.
Alexander Heinle
Past: Marketing at Microsoft and Foodora. TUM alum.
Marietta Herzog
Past: UX at Google and Tech4Germany. CDTM alum.
Sri Vishnu Totakura
Past: Engineering at Experteer and Codebrahma. TUM alum.
Keke Kaikhosroshvili
Past: LX at Allianz. LMU alum and CDTM student.
Vanessa Otto
Past: Frontend at SinnerSchrader. Chapter Leader at Front-End Foxes. LMU alum.
Mattia Zanella
Past: Frontend at L.I.F.E. and LinkMe Srl. Discos alum.
Piotr Majewski
Past: Backend at Codequest.
SGH Warsaw alum.
Oliver Müller
Past: Frontend at
Jung von Matt/Neckar.
Sahil Grover
Past: Engineering at Zalando and Fave. TGOU alum.
Berfu Ulusoy
Past: UX at Humanayz.
LMU student.
Raisa Yogiaman
Past: Content Marketing at Studysmarter. LMU student.
Ilda Karaj
Past: BMW. LMU alum and TUM Student.
Uchehucku Onyeka
Past: Product Design at Facebook, Toptal. TALU alum.

Our mission

Our mission is to enable people & organizations to acquire, grow, and make full use of their capabilities. Technologies are heavily impacting the pace at which our capabilities are outdated. More than 50% of today’s jobs are impacted by digitization in a way. While some of those will be made redundant, others are fundamentally changing in their nature. Traditional skills will have to make way for more modern, more technical capabilities.

Therefore, we need to keep up.

The way we learn will change dramatically. It has to.
Providing an enormous amount of information alone is not enough. Information has to be valuable. It has to be relevant. And it has to develop into skill in order to make a real difference.

Traditional education is not fit to solve this need for lifelong, for continuous development. Every individual is different. Static curricula have to make room for an approach that tailors to the uniqueness of every individual. Only by keeping up with the challenges and opportunities emerging out there we are able to shape the future, instead of merely reacting to it. It’s time to stay curious and learn continuously. To achieve greater results now - and in the future.