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Employee Development Software

Create a cycle of continuous development

Turn people managers into coaches, put employees in the driver's seat, and boost company performance. With Zavvy's all-in-one people development solution that connects the dots between skills, development plans, and training measures.

Employee development software by Zavvy

People teams at leading companies develop their people with a plan.

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You can't grow your business without growing your people.

Without proper development support, your top talents have two choices:
Leave, or be left behind.

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People development, solved.

Use meaningful data

Drive development based on data gathered from feedback and career paths.

Guide conversations

Align employees and people managers to build targeted development plans.

Bridge the learning gap

Bridge the gap between defining focus areas and finding actual measures with AI.

Have people follow through

Motivate people to finally follow through and check in along the way.

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Cement your development process

No more loose, scattered initiatives that get lost anyway.Create an overall framework that cements your development processes. Define cycle length and notification channel to make it your own.

View of Zavvy's development framework settings and progress page


Define career progression

Establish clear competencies for every role and seniority to help people understand where they are and where to improve. Nothing in place, yet? Use AI and our templates to get to your first draft in minutes.

Employee development plans: Desktop and mobile view in the zavvy tool


Build meaningful plans filled with action

Bridge the gap between plans and concrete measures:

🪄 Zavvy AI won't only recommend focus areas based on role descriptions and feedback results - but also suggest concrete activities and training courses for every learner.


Unlock powerful analytics

Finally - a data-driven approach to people development.

Run in-depth analytics like skills matrices, 9 box, spider charts, and more to unlock skills gaps, identify high potentials, and measure training effectiveness.

People analytics like 9box, skills matrix, spider chart


Engage, track, repeat.

Make progress visible at all times to motivate employees and help people managers give targeted support. Guide everyone through the process with engaging reminders, tasks, and reflections.

Employee development software analytics

Solve people development at a click.

By giving your people a meaningful and complete process that helps them thrive.

People Enablement Process


of employees stay longer at a company if it invests in their growth



of employees report that they do not master the skills they need for their jobs


For People Teams AND People

"I am so happy I chose Zavvy over all the other products we considered. It is amazing to work with you.
Many employees of ours stated it was the best onboarding experience they ever had and most of them worked in many different companies"
Danielle Rouse
People Operations Partner
“Our company is growing extremely fast. Zavvy helps us onboard new colleagues at scale and get them up to speed quickly. What they value most is the engaging experience that motivates them and tests their knowledge."
Christina Stihl
People Partner
"I really like how straightforward, simple, and user-friendly the tool is. Even if you use it for the first time, you won’t get confused."
Nevena Buzek
People Experience Manager
“I’m very proud of our onboarding experience. Our goal was to increase the candidate experience and create an innovative process. And we did. The feedback we’re getting from new colleagues is great!”
Nina Hübner
Team Lead Recruiting
"We effortlessly scaled our onboarding across 50 locations, while our new hires rate their experience very highly."
Barbara Imm
Head of HR
"Due to our innovative leadership trainings on Zavvy, 100% of all people managers feel supported in their growth"

Patrizia Przybylski
Senior People Operations Consultant
"The best Onboarding process of my career thus far. Awesome!"
Caroline Orie
Senior Consultant Privacy

Solve people development at the click of a button

Find out how Zavvy can help you grow your people with meaningful development plans.

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Integrating your favorite tools

No need to add people one-by-one. Import profiles from Personio easily with just a few clicks.
Automatically sync base date so you won't have to invite people or roles yourself.
Automatically sync base date so you won't have to invite people or roles yourself.
Reach people where they are. Push automatic notifications or foster exchange.
Reach people where they are. Push automatic notifications or foster exchange.
Embed surveys, quizzes, or interactive exercises.
Embed your Google Sheets, Docs, Presentations, or Forms directly.
Embed any YouTube video to enrich your journeys with external content or homemade clips.
Embed any Vimeo video to enrich your journeys with external content or homemade clips.
Record tutorials or intros in seconds and directly embed them into your journeys.
Directly embed your Powerpoint decks, Excel sheets, Word docs and more.
Enable Google Single Sign-On (SSO) to make signup as easy as it gets.
Enable Okta Single Sign-On (SSO) for a seamless registration process.
No need to add people one-by-one. Import profiles from Personio easily with just a few clicks.

How Employee Development (Plan) Software helps You Drive Results for All

Employee development is critical for staying up to date and competitive as a business. But, without the proper structure, it's unlikely to work out. The right people development software will help you structure learning & development, make the process easier to follow for everyone, and help you save a lot of time along the way.

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What are the benefits of employee development software?

Employee development software can bring numerous benefits to both employees and their organizations. 

Easy creation of development and growth plans - Say goodbye to time-consuming admin tasks! You can create personalized career development programs for your team members in a snap.

Enhanced performance management- Managers can easily set organizational goals, track progress, and provide feedback, leading to more effective performance management and a more productive workforce.

Increased employee engagement- Employee development software provides detailed and personal objectives based on their job roles, making your team feel more involved in the company’s success. 

Improved employee-manager collaboration- By providing a centralized platform for tracking employee progress and performance, managers can stay up-to-date on their team’s development needs and provide targeted coaching and feedback, building stronger relationships and fostering a culture of continuous learning.

How does employee development software help employers?

Employee development software can help employers in several ways:

Better employee retention rates: Did you know that 94% of employees would stay longer at a company if it offered learning and development opportunities? Having employee development software shows your commitment to investing in your employees’ long-term growth and people development and building trust and loyalty among your team members, making them want to stay in the organization.

Cost savings: Studies have shown that replacing a trained employee can cost up to 200% of their annual salary. Since having employee development software helps retain employees, companies can avoid the costly process of recruiting and training new hires.

Improved succession planning: With employee development software, you can identify potential leaders and prepare them for future leadership roles. 

How can employee development software increase productivity? 

Employee development software is not just a tool for learning and career growth but can also significantly impact productivity. 

Managers can use employee development software to identify competencies and specific skill gaps, allowing them to provide targeted training so the team can excel in their roles.

Moreover, studies show that 58% of employees prefer learning at their own pace. Employee development software offers personalized learning experiences that allow employees to learn in a way that suits their learning styles, leading to increased productivity. 

Additionally, employee development software can also facilitate collaboration and communication among team members, leading to better problem-solving and more efficient workflow.

Does employee development software improve performance? 

Yes, employee development software provides a platform for employees to set personal goals and track their progress, encouraging them to take ownership of their career development, leading to increased motivation.


With regular check-ins and progress tracking, employees can receive real-time feedback on their performance and adjust their approach accordingly, resulting in better outcomes.


Additionally, with the training materials conveniently found in one place, employees can gain the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their roles. This leads to improved performance and greater job satisfaction.

Does employee development software help build better teams?


Yes. Employee development software provides tools for online collaboration, feedback, and communication, making it easier for team members to share ideas, provide feedback, and work together towards common goals.


The training and development resources available in the software encourage employees to continually develop their skills and knowledge, which can lead to improved performance and better results for the team.

What features should I look for when selecting an employee development software?

Your employee development software should possess everything your organization needs to support employee growth and development. 

Customizable development plans: Choose software with customized learning paths and individualized training for team members to develop skills and knowledge relevant to their roles and career goals.

Social Learning: Social learning features, such as peer-to-peer coaching, will help team members collaborate and share knowledge, building a sense of community and collective learning.

Tracking and Analytics: Employee development software should be able to provide progress tracking and skills analytics to help managers identify areas where employees need additional support or training.

Career frameworks: An internal talent discovery feature like career paths can help employees better understand the skills and qualifications required for different roles so they can discover new career paths and opportunities within their organization. 

Integrations: Your employee development software should seamlessly integrate with other tools and platforms that your team is already using, like learning management systems and communication platforms. 

Can employee development software be used for remote workers?

Yes. With employee development software, remote workers can access learning materials and resources from anywhere and at any time. Features like virtual classrooms, online discussions, and video conferencing tools can help with remote collaboration and communication, helping workers stay connected with team members and feel more engaged and supported.

Is employee development software easy to implement in an organization?

Modern employee development software is designed to be relatively easy to implement as it’s cloud-based, customizable, and offers training resources to help organizations get started with their platform. 

The time-consuming part would be the steps before fully implementing the software. This includes performing a skill gap audit to know the skills your organization currently lacks and finding development opportunities for missing skills.

How easy is it to set up and use Zavvy’s employee development software?

Zavvy’s employee development software is packed with features, so you can easily create a cycle of continuous growth. 

Our customizable career frameworks help you clarify role expectations and define employees’ competencies.

Our customizable growth plans and a wide selection of learning materials allow your employees to create their own development plans and define their focus areas.

Our built-in analytics feature lets your managers easily monitor and support team members’ growth plans.

How can I ensure employees maintain engagement with the software?

It’s crucial to bridge learning goals with your employees’ career goals to make software adoption and implementation as effective as possible. 

Show learners the value of your development program to encourage them to create their career paths within the organization.