How roadsurfer onboards new colleagues across 8 countries and 36 locations

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(HR) Tools:

Microsoft Suite

  • Teams (Collaboration)
  • Outlook (Emails)
  • Sharepoint (File management)


  • HRIS
  • Recruiting


  • Preboarding
  • Onboarding
  • Training
  • Feedback
  • Career Frameworks
  • Engagement Surveys

The Challenge: Growing extremely fast across several locations

Roadsurfer knows something about scaling a company fast. 

After being founded in 2016 by 5 friends, the company has quickly grown into the largest campervan expert in Europe with a camper fleet of over 2,500 vehicles. From their Munich HQ, they rent out and sell campervans at 36 locations in Europe across countries like Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France, Portugal, and Italy. And with roadsurfer spots, they have just launched what could be described as the Airbnb of camping spots.

A growing business needs people to operate it - and in roadsurfer’s case that is all over Europe.

While many of these people work from offices in Munich or other European offices, about half of the new colleagues operate in stations, managing the cars without necessarily being tied to a desk. 

“When I started two years ago, we were around 20 employees. Excluding our station agents, we're now at 225 people - and 450 in total." remembers Barbara Imm, Head of HR.

"We really value our warm and open atmosphere. And integrating new colleagues openly and quickly had initially not been a problem. But the more we grew, the harder it became to get the necessary information to the right people, to introduce complex structures and processes - both on a company and team level. Also, onboarding used to lie mostly in the responsibility of the functional teams. This made it really hard to ensure a consistent, valuable experience. Then the covid outbreak came and we went remote. That's when we needed a digital way of integrating all our new colleagues more than ever."

In short, they needed a platform that introduces new employees to the company in a way that they feel welcome despite the remote setting. And one that gets them productive in less time and with less manual work.

"Before Zavvy, we strongly relied on in-person events to train people. With our rapid growth and the pandemic hitting, we needed a digital solution for that. People had to be smoothly introduced into our more and more complex processes. At the same time, we still wanted to give people a warm experience from day 1."

Barbara Imm
Head of HR, roadsurfer

The Solution: Automated onboarding journeys that align the whole organization

With Zavvy's onboarding template and in close collaboration with our customer success team, roadsurfer was able to easily set up a journey that leads every new employee through a step-by-step process for their first weeks at the company. 

Company onboarding

Building on top of their first day at the company, all new colleagues now get assigned a company-wide journey guiding them through their first days in the job.

  • Company values
  • Different teams
  • Main principles
  • IT setup and compliance guidelines.
  • Personal scorecard and reflection exercises
  • ...and more

Interactive quizzes and other exercises help make the knowledge stick. Auto-triggered reminders help stay on track. And the completion tracking helps the HR team ensure that everyone received the same info.

Screenshot of roadsurfer's company onboarding journey. Part: IT Setup and Microsoft Teams
"The first days in a new company can feel so overwhelming. With Zavvy, we are now giving new colleagues a guiding structure to hold on to and deepen their knowledge of the company. And from an HR perspective, we can now be sure they received and understood everything." - Barbara, Head of HR at roadsurfer

Team-level onboarding for the customer success team

Customer success is all about understanding one’s product. Without the right onboarding, it’s impossible to help clients with their often urgent problems. And without being able to handle requests, CS managers can’t productively work. But how to help them?

Alina heads the customer success team. She remembers the challenges of creating a consistent, yet engaging experience.

"Before zavvy, our team onboarding was way less structured - without any way to test knowledge. We would basically ask new colleagues to read through our website and go from there."
- Alina, Head of Customer Success at roadsurfer

Instead, CS managers now go through a guided journey that introduces them to different topics and tests their knowledge after each section.

The basic structure for every topic is:

  • Content - e.g. a guide, resource, FAQ
  • Knowledge test
Example of a quiz for the customer success onboarding journey at roadsurfer
"With very little input we were able to set up a first team journey that made the whole experience way more tangible and engaging. One that tested people's knowledge and that saved me super much time." - Alina, Head of Customer Success at roadsurfer

Going forward, Alina is planning to build out the number of initiatives for CS. Spaced repetition can help retain the knowledge. More in-depth initiatives on all products will help create more of it. And regular updates will make sure the whole company stays on track with  rapid changes.

Our products are complex - and we needed an engaging experience that made sure our new CS managers are able to do their work quickly. Zavvy saved us a lot of time and work by setting up a structured way of getting everyone on the same level.

Alina Ahner
Head of Customer Success at roadsurfer

The Results: A learning platform that onboards employees in less time and helps them keep developing afterward

Overall, Zavvy helps roadsurfer create an experience that’s built around the people. It helps them feel welcome, valued, and less anxious - but also understand their responsibilities and become productive quicker. For the HR team, it took away the stress of manually handling too many onboarding tasks - and constantly fearing to have forgotten something. Introducing someone to everything they need to know for the HR team now only takes 30 seconds.

The new setup also made sure that, although in a remote setting, people all over Europe receive the same treatment. 

Key Stats:

1. Significant reduction in time and work spent per hire.

2. Consistent onboarding experience across 36 locations.

3. Higher involvement with company values.

4. 82 colleagues onboarded through Zavvy in the first 3 months.

5. Average user satisfaction: 4.8/5.

Roadsurfer's favorites

Easy to use and intuitive are the first thoughts that come into mind when Barbara describes what the company appreciates about Zavvy. "But I'm also amazed by how fast the tool is evolving. I'm really looking forward to us rolling out the Microsoft Teams integration and innovative peer learning formats."

For L&D manager Christina, it's also the "super fast and very customer-oriented support". Another favorite? "It's not just dry learning but an engaging and fun experience for our colleagues".

What's next?

Next, the team is planning to roll out further functional onboarding journeys for every department.

But it won't end with onboarding: 
Christina is "excited about all the initiatives we will launch with Zavvy going forward. The microlearning format looks amazing and will be a great addition for everyone in the company.”

"Social formats like the peer experiences will help us establish a learning mindset that creates regular routines with lasting impact on satisfaction and people performance", Barbara adds.

And the CS team? Summer season gets busy and stressful. That's why the whole team will soon start their first resilience journey.

“Our company is growing extremely fast. Zavvy helps us onboard new colleagues at scale and get them up to speed quickly. What they value most is the engaging experience that motivates them and tests their knowledge."

Christina Stihl

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