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The AI-Powered People Enablement Platform

How growing businesses unlock their people potential

Zavvy lets you run people development, performance, and engagement like innovative tech giants. All in one, AI-enhanced tool and at the most affordable price.

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All things development and training. One place.

Zavvy is the most affordable, straightforward way to run everything people development.

Pick and choose the solutions you want - or combine all at once.

Wow new hires without getting lost in busywork.
Bridge the gap between signing and start.
Engage before day 1
Take new hires by the hand for months.
Wow new hires
All your orientation events, scheduled on autopilot.
Schedule on autopilot
Zavvy onboarding suite
Fair, unbiased performance and growth reviews
Run any kind of feedback process with custom transparency.
Run any kind of feedback
Performance Reviews
Measure performance without the bias and take action.
Run performance reviews
feedback and performance software
Create a cycle of targeted, skill-based growth.
Career Frameworks
Transparent career pathways for everyone.
Create role clarity
Growth Plans
Development plans to combine goals and actual measures.
How growth plans work
Skills Matrix
Get deep skill insights to identify opportunities and strengths.
How skills work
skill development software
Run and manage effective training programs
Training Management
Create and run engaging courses in minutes
Build and manage courses
Course Library
Find and add 1,000s of learning resources
Find the right training for everyone
Power Skills
High-impact skills, expert-led live training
Run high-impact training
people training software
Measure engagement - but also drive it.
Continuously measure wellbeing, remote engagement, and more.
Browse templates
Connect your people for regular conversations off work.
Learn how it works
engagement software

Connect the dots

Say goodbye to scattered spreadsheets and loosely connected tools. Run a complete people development process in one single, integrated solution.

  • Link individual competency profiles to performance reviews
  • Let people turn their¬†weaknesses into focus development areas with a click
  • Suggest training courses directly in the growth plan
  • ...and much more
People enablement process with Zavvy

Making your life easier
- and your impact bigger.

Without Zavvy
  • Time wasted on repetitive tasks, preventing you to work strategically
  • Toxic leaders hurt the company while high-performers are not being recognized
  • Training budgets are either not spent at all - or without a clear purpose
  • Low training completion rates that barely surpass ~ 5%.
  • People are overwhelmed with scattered processes and multiple tools
With Zavvy
  • More time and insights to drive performance development strategically from one place
  • High performers are recognized and those with challenges get targeted support
  • Training programs that are based on strategic goals and scientifically proven methods
  • Unprecedented insights into skills, performance, and development opportunities
  • People feeling engaged and supported no matter if they work remotely

So, how is Zavvy different?

Zavvy is made for businesses that operate in a hybrid or remote setting.
It's made for busy people teams that juggle countless tasks at the same time.
If that's you, you might appreciate...

Powerful AI

Achieve a greater impact than ever while saving valuable time. Zavvy AI lets you create courses, career frameworks, and more in just a few clicks.


Where other tool providers will leave you alone, we'll not only guide you through our proven process, but proactively share best practices from top companies.

Powerful templates
at your fingertips

Netflix' 360 feedback system or Google's performance process: Industry-winning people processes are ready when you are.

One solution that
connects the dots

Instead of overwhelming your people with multiple tools and overwhelming yourself by trying to connect them all, Zavvy brings together everything people development, training, performance, analytics, and more in one place.


Budget cuts, hiring freezes. Times are uncertain and your CFO will ask for the tool with the highest ROI. Here is your answer.

How Zavvy will help you
make a lasting difference

Save time

Powerful templates, our learning consultants, and smart automations enable anyone to run top-notch processes on autopilot.
"We save about 70 hours per month, which equals more than 2500 ‚ā¨."
Markus Schwarz
People Experience Manager, Storyblok
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Drive performance

Performance matters - now more than ever. Measure it fairly and take targeted action based on insights, not guesswork.
65% of employees need regular feedback to feel motivated to contribute to the company's development.
Girdwichai & Sriviboon (2020)
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Engage & retain

Clear roles, career support, deep feedback, remote connections, central knowledge - overcome silos and engage remotely.
Highly engaged teams see 59% less turnover.
Gallup (2022)
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For people teams AND people

"I am so happy I chose Zavvy over all the other products we considered. It is amazing to work with you.
Many employees of ours stated it was the best onboarding experience they ever had and most of them worked in many different companies"
Danielle Rouse
People Operations Partner
“Our company is growing extremely fast. Zavvy helps us onboard new colleagues at scale and get them up to speed quickly. What they value most is the engaging experience that motivates them and tests their knowledge."
Christina Stihl
People Partner
"I really like how straightforward, simple, and user-friendly the tool is. Even if you use it for the first time, you won’t get confused."
Nevena Buzek
People Experience Manager
‚ÄúI‚Äôm very proud of our onboarding experience. Our goal was to increase the candidate experience and create an innovative process. And we did. The feedback we‚Äôre getting from new colleagues is great!‚ÄĚ
Nina H√ľbner
Team Lead Recruiting
"We effortlessly scaled our onboarding across 50 locations, while our new hires rate their experience very highly."
Barbara Imm
Head of HR
"Due to our innovative leadership trainings on Zavvy, 100% of all people managers feel supported in their growth"

Patrizia Przybylski
Senior People Operations Consultant
"The best Onboarding process of my career thus far. Awesome!"
Caroline Orie
Senior Consultant Privacy

Drive performance, development, and engagement. With Zavvy.

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