Connection Programs

Create meaningful connections - wherever your people are

Automatically connect your colleagues for casual meetups, meaningful conversations, or walking meetings. For greater team spirit, productivity and mental health.

People teams at leading companies use Zavvy to make work more engaging

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Remote isolation is making your employees feel stressed, lonely, and burned out.

But there's more: Companies that fail to keep their employees connected are 5.6 times more likely to have lowered productivity since going remote.

People need social interaction beyond dry meetings

New ways of work require new ways to connect and engage people. The random coffee chat or hallway meetup is not going to replace itself.

Create meaningful relationships every day


Introduce employees via Slack or Microsoft Teams based on criteria or coincidence.


Make people meet for simple coffee chats, walking meetings, or deep conversations.

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Automatically connect your people

Make random introductions via Slack or Microsoft Teams to enable conversations between your colleagues. Include reminders, check-ins, and suggest talking points.


Create stronger relationships

Create a work environment where people feel connected, integrated, and well - whether they work remotely or not.

Science-based templates
that create more than just meetings

Conversations That Matter

Connect people to openly discuss failure and success - to build meaningful relationships and strengthen empathy.

Walk and Talk

Help your employees relieve stress, spark creativity and get moving by inviting them to regular walk & talk meetings.

Meetup Ritual

Randomly connect people for casual conversations to strengthen human connections, collaboration, and belonging.


Likelihood to be more productive in remote setting when people are connected.



Self-valuation scores on
emotional well-being when people are connected.


Setting up a connection routine via Zavvy takes less than 5 minutes.

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