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How does it work?

The Zavvy AI learning assistant uses generative AI to help with any skill and growth related questions.
It's pre-trained with insights from the latest learning science research to ensure that you and your people only get powerful advice.

How do I add the Zavvy app to Slack?
To get started, click any of the "Add to Slack" buttons. This will take you to sign in through Slack and give Zavvy permission.

Make sure to choose the right workspace in case you're part of multiple ones. Start asking the Zavvy app questions and get answers!
Will adding Zavvy trigger an announcement or notifications to my company?
Don't worry - there is no message that everybody will get once you've installed the app. Only you will see that you've added Zavvy to your Slack workspace.
If you don't have admin rights, only the app admins will get a request.Just as with any other Slack app.
Is Zavvy free to use?
The Zavvy AI assistant is a free Slack app that anyone can use without limitations. Paying customers of our People Enablement Suite can also use this app as a messaging channel for their learning journeys and other people development workflows.
I am already a Zavvy customer and I have the Zavvy Slack bot installed. How does this work?
If you already have the Slack app installed, you may only have to re-connect it once. To do so, head over to "Data" -> "Integrations" and click "Re-connect Slack".

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