A simple structure and best practices for your hybrid or work from home policy.
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About WFH Policy

Easily share the WFH policy with your employees to set job-specific clarity. This template provides a basic structure to your company policy and everything it entails. It can be customisable by replacing the content, editing, rearranging, or deleting anything to suit your needs.

Who is the WFH Policy for?

All employees in your organization.

Purpose of this journey

After this journey, your employees will know

  1. The purpose & scope of your WFH policy
  2. Best practices for WFH
  3. Whom to contact when questions arise


Employees will be informed about the details of your WFH policy and how it will be implemented. They will also be equipped with tips and strategies to stay productive and connected while working remotely.


This journey addresses topics like:

  • ☝️ Purpose
  • 🔎 Scope 
  • 📋 WFH policy
  • 🕔 WFH schedule
  • 💻 Tips for working from home
  • ❓ Questions or concerns


Slack, Teams, or Email


Self-paced. Assign this to all your employees anytime you update your policy.