Level up your team's resilience in this blended learning format combining individual lessons and live group sessions.
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About Resilient Backbone

Prepare your organization for unexpected challenges with our Resilience Backbone program. A blended format of individual lessons and live sessions, participants will be guided to build resilience to thrive during a time of crisis. These techniques are designed to empower them not only in their career, but also in their personal life.

Who is the Resilience Backbone program for?

Anyone in the company can participate in this journey. 


  • Week 1: Foundation
  • Week 2: Stress
  • Week 3: Resources
  • Week 4: LIVE sessions
  • Week 5: Emotions
  • Week 6: Thinking
  • Week 7: Connecting the dots
  • Week 8: LIVE sessions


This program will coach your employees to:

  1. Remain calm and gain control during stressful events
  2. Create personal circumstances to thrive in any situation
  3. Manage their thoughts and feelings
  4. Bounce back after adversity
  5. Develop long-term strategies to improve their well-being