Close the gap between signing a work contract and the first day at your company. Create excitement and prepare everyone involved.
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Preboarding tasks for stakeholders like IT and People Ops

People Manager Notification to Prepare Everything in Time

Congrats! You found the perfect candidate to come and join your team. Now, how can you make sure that their transition into your organization goes as smoothly as possible? 

Preboarding is an essential step in onboarding and can hugely impact a new hire's success. 

But this process can be time-consuming and full of manual work. Plus, first-day jitters are very real for your new recruits. And information on your first day can be overwhelming.

Thankfully, with a structured and trusty template, you can streamline your preboarding process and ensure a seamless onboarding experience for your new hire.

📝 What is a Preboarding template?

A preboarding template is a ready-to-use document that outlines the primary steps a new employee must take to prepare for their new role. Plus, it includes a timeline of activities that should take place before the new hire's first day on the job.

💡 Who is this Preboarding journey useful for?

The preboarding template is helpful for HR professionals and managers responsible for onboarding new employees. It ensures the preboarding process goes as smoothly as possible and all necessary documentation and paperwork are in order before the hire's start date.

It can also help new hires become familiar with the company culture, values, and expectations and acclimate to the organization's technology, processes, and procedures.

🛫 What you will find in this Preboarding journey

Our preboarding template includes checklists of all the tasks and activities new hires have to complete and all the resources they will need before their first day. 

These include:

  • 🎉 Welcoming the new hire. 
  • 👥 Introducing the company founders and team members. 
  • 🤝 Providing an onboarding buddy. 
  • 💻 Setting up the equipment and login credentials needed. 
  • 👋 Inviting the new hire to introduce themselves to other teams. 
  • 📅 Providing new hires' first-day schedules.

And to make sure preboarding is successful, the journey includes the following:

  • 📃 Ready-to-use templates 
  • ❓ Customizable questionnaires
  • ✅ Checklists of all the tasks to be completed 
  • 📹 Video tutorials 
  • ⏰ Instant reminders 
  • 👥 Group activities

🏆 What are the top features of this journey?

Our preboarding template is ready to use. You can deploy it for your new hires quickly and easily. It's also customizable so that you can tailor it to your organization's needs.

🔗 Integrations- Integrate our offboarding template into existing workflows, systems, and communication channels such as MS Teams, Slack, or email to ensure smooth and efficient onboarding.

🔔 Notifications and reminders- Employees get instant notifications and reminders to ensure they complete every step of the preboarding process on time.

👩‍💻 Admin and user-friendly- Make sure your preboarding process is easy and efficient for admins and users, with clear instructions and step-by-step guidance.

🧠 Developed by our experts- Our preboarding template has been developed by our team of experts backed by years of experience in HR, onboarding, and employee engagement.

🤝 Collaboration-friendly- Initiate collaboration between the onboarding team, new hire, and onboarding buddy with updates via email.

🏢 How do I adapt this template to my needs?

Since our template is highly customizable, you can:

  • Add company-specific details, such as company values, vision, and mission statements.
  • Edit existing tasks and add new ones.
  • Customize reminders and notifications.
  • Change the timeline of activities according to your preferences.
  • Add extra resources such as videos, documents, or images.

🕛 How long does it take to complete this journey?

Our preboarding template can be completed in one to two weeks before the new hires start with your company. 

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At Zavvy, we understand the importance of having a streamlined preboarding process. That's why we have developed an automated preboarding solution to help you efficiently manage your new hires and welcome them with a lasting impression.

With Zavvy, you will:

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  • 😃 Create better employee experiences by giving new hires the information they need in a way they enjoy.
  • 🔔 Stay on top of tasks with notifications and reminders.
  • 👍 Avoid delays in onboarding new hires by ensuring everything is taken care of before the big day.

Get started today with Zavvy and make sure your new hires get the best preboarding experience possible!