Train your leaders in the flow of work with interactive, weekly microlessons that teach practical concepts in 10 minutes or less.
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About Microlessons | Leadership

Leadership techniques need to be practiced, repeated, and mastered. That's why we designed a micro-coaching program where your managers can regularly learn about leadership techniques trusted by successful thought leaders from companies like: N26, Deezer, and Google. They will also be nudged to apply these techniques into their routines. Enabling them to become efficient leaders through practice and self-reflection.

Who is this program for?

This journey is designed for junior & senior managers, and executives.

Basics (customizable in settings)

  • 3 months program
  • 15 minutes a week


This program will help you

  1. Train your managers to be effective leaders
  2. Make leadership training an effortless process
  3. Improve your employee satisfaction and retention rates
  4. Develop your managers' leadership, and self-leadership skills
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