Teach your employees why DEI matters, how to become more conscious of it, and what they can do in everyday life.
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What is this DEI Training Template for employees?

Our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion is specifically built for companies wanting to sensitize their employees on DEI topics by creating awareness, understanding, and suggesting effective strategies everyone can include in their daily work.

How is the DEI Training structured?

The (completely editable) template is set up as a 15-day microlearning journey that takes learners through 8 distinct steps:

  • 💡 Diversity, Equality and Inclusion matter (Intro)
  • 🎭Diversity (content)
  • 🎭 Your thoughts on Diversity (reflection)
  • 👥 Equity (content)
  • 👥 Your thoughts on Equity (reflection)
  • 👩🏽🤝👨🏼 Inclusion (content)
  • 🌈 Your thoughts on diverse thinking (reflection)
  • 💡 Some last words