Get new engineers up to speed on tech stack, documentation, and the product. Combine content with collaborative coding challenges and coffee talks.
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Journey workflow

Code base challenge

About Developer Onboarding

Skilled, valuable developers are essential to retain. Help them feel valuable with a smooth onboarding experience. This starts from guiding them through your product instead of expecting them to self-learn it. Using this program will help reduce stress, and new job anxiety amongst your new hires.

Who is the Onboarding journey for?

Newly hired developers 

Purpose of this journey

After this journey your employees will learn 

  • The basics about your product (✏️ customizable)
  • Tips for a good start as a developer, e.g., familiarising with topics like codebase, pair-programming etc.
  • Anything you'd like to add…


  1. Offers guidance to your new developers with a structured onboarding program. 
  2. Elevates their performance with tips and how-to’s designed for their specific needs.

Exemplary Week of the new hire

Day 1: A warm welcome to the company

Day 2: An intro to your Products and Tech Stack

Day 3: Pair-programming challenges

Day 4: Prepping for 1:1s with the manager

Day 5: Helpful links to documentation


Slack, Teams, or Email


Approximately 8 Weeks. We recommend assigning this journey to new developers on their first day.