Connect colleagues for conversations that go beyond the usual small talk. Build trust in your workplace by fostering empathy and strengthening interpersonal bonds.
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Note: Ongoing workflow as the questions change every time
Conversations that matter workflow

About Conversations That Matter 

Build trust, empathy, and understanding amongst your employees, the right way. Have them engage in conversations that dive deeper than the surface level, while creating meaningful human connections at work. This program can be carried out in teams or with the entire company.

Basics (customizable in settings)

  • Groups of 2 people/teams 
  • New groups connect every two weeks
  • Offers a selection of 8 topics (different for each round)


This program enables to: 

  1. Build personal connections within and across teams to improve productivity 
  2. Welcome diversified perspectives 
  3. Create a desirable workplace culture where employees feel comfortable and inclusive