Whether when communicating with customers, colleagues, or stakeholders, this training will give your employees the tools to deliver your message effectively.
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Many problems in the workplace have poor communication as the root cause. 

Poor communication can lead to inefficiency and conflict, whether it's a miscommunication between co-workers or a lack of clarity in instructions from a boss. That's why good communication skills are essential in the workplace. 

However, good communication is much more than just talking. It's about knowing whom you're talking to and how to make your message reach your audience. 

In other words, it's about being impactful. 

📝 What is "Impactful Communication" training?

Impactful Communication training aims to help employees learn how to communicate effectively via active listening and empathetic understanding. 

Whether you're communicating with customers, colleagues, or stakeholders, this training will give you the tools to deliver your message effectively.

💡 Who can benefit from this course?

Our Impactful Communication training is for those required to demonstrate high-level communication skills in the workplace, for example, managers, customer service representatives, salespeople, and human resources professionals. 

It will enhance their presentation skills and presence when delivering critical information to stakeholders.

Through a mix of exercises and real-world scenarios, participants will learn how to:

  • 👉 Handle difficult conversations.
  • 👉 Plan and structure their communication for maximum impact.
  • 👉 Listen to others and build empathy actively.
  • 👉 Deliver your message with confidence.
  • 👉 Build rapport and relationships through effective communication.

💪 What will you find in this communication training course?

This training covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Different communication styles;
  • Active listening; 
  • Confident communication;
  • Adding color to your voice;
  • Being empathic;
  • Effective ways of giving feedback.

And to help the employees apply these concepts in a real-world setting, the course also includes the following: 

  • communication exercises;
  • quizzes
  • group discussion; 
  • audio, video, and reading materials
  • role-playing;
  • check-ins.

🏆 What are the top features of this training journey?

Our Impactful Communication training is ready to use, and employees can get started immediately. 

Plus, it's flexible and modular, so you can tailor the training to suit your organization's specific needs.

  •  👉 Integrations: Integrate the training with your organization's communication channels like Slack, email, or MS Teams so employees get notified about new training modules and can access them easily.
  • 👉 Notifications: Send automated notifications to remind employees about upcoming training sessions or to nudge them to complete unfinished modules.
  • 👉 Admin & user-friendly: Easily manage the training with its ease-of-use administrative interface design. At the same time, the learner interface is sleek and user-friendly, so employees can focus on the content without getting distracted.
  • 👉 Customization: Send the training as a time-based journey or all at once. You can also tailor the duration and frequency of the training to suit your organizational needs.
  • 👉 Developed by our experts: Our team of experts developed this training using theories and principles of learning to increase effectiveness and knowledge retention. 

🏢 How do I adapt this training to my needs?

Since our Impactful Communication training is ready-to-use and easily adaptable, you can decide: 

  • Whom to assign it to. 
  • When to roll it out. 
  • How long each learner has to complete it. 

We already took care of the rest.

But, if you want to, you can:

  • Add additional company-specific guidelines or resources to the training. For example, you can add industry-specific examples to make the training more relevant to your organization.
  • Add or remove topics and modify the sequence of the modules to suit your organizational learning objectives better.

🕛 How long does it take to complete this course?

We have designed this training journey to run for five weeks. 

Learners will spend 15-20 minutes per week. Plus, they will engage in group activities that typically last 30 to 45 minutes.

Impactful communication training structure

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