Help your people managers lead their teams in times of uncertainty with regular advice and interactive group challenges.
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Became a change leader workflow

About Become a Change Leader

Guide your managers to be effective change leaders by regularly reminding them of leadership practices and suggestions. This will prepare them to effectively lead through any organizational change. Participants of this program will receive nudges, and group activities every few days that will empower them and their teams to make a smooth transition. 

Who is the ‘Become a Change Leader’ program for?

This journey is specially designed for junior & senior managers or executives. 

Basics (customizable in settings)

  • Individuals or in groups 
  • 2 nudges every week for 3 months
  • Areas of interest: communicating change, leadership styles, empathy, trust, stages of team development, providing certainty, and more


This program will help your managers:

  • Learn about leadership practices in times of change
  • Understand how to communicate and manage in times of change
  • Create a reliable work environment within their team(s)
  • Effectively reduce their employees' stress associated with the change
Change management leadership course