A simple template that helps you set up brand guidelines.
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About Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are an essential tool to maintain your brand’s consistency across all platforms. Use this template to share your brand’s value, identity, and guidelines with all your employees. This ensures all the communication from your company looks professional and consistent. 

Who are the Brand Guidelines for?

All employees working at your company.

Purpose of this journey

After this journey your employees will understand:

  • Your brand guidelines
  • The purpose & targets of brand guidelines
  • How to communicate using your brand guidelines


Brand guidelines help to inculcate specific behavior amongst your employees. For example, your employees will know the right way to communicate with your customers. It also enables you to create clarity on what makes your organization unique.


☝️ Purpose

🎯 Targets

🌠 Logo

✒️ Taglines

🌈 Colors

ℳ Fonts

🛠 Brand Usage

📃 Recap


Slack, Teams, or Email


Self-paced. Assign this to your employees anytime, to share existing or updated guidelines.