Product Management Foundations

Remote, interactive training – online lectures interspersed with regular discussion, Q&As and group activities

Why choose Foundations?

If you’re a working product manager in the early stages of your career it’s difficult to understand what to focus on first – our remote Foundations sessions will help you master the skills you need to excel in the craft of product management.

Key takeaways

Know you’re doing the right stuff

Get a firm understanding of your role as a product manager – know you’re asking the right questions, and gain the confidence you need to make those all-important decisions.

Enhance your toolkit

Learn the core overarching product processes needed for getting a good product out of the door, including the key skills, tools, and frameworks required and how to decide which ones to use and when.

Master those all-important people skills

Learn how to hone your product management core team communication skills, how to think about “culture as product”, and in turn foster a team that is geared towards continuous improvement.

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At a glance
  • Duration: 2 consecutive half-day sessions
  • Format: Remote, interactive training – online lectures interspersed with regular discussion, Q&As and group activities to encourage hands-on learning, using Zoom and other digital collaboration tools
  • Who is this for: Working product managers with ~6 months to 1.5 years in the role
  • Key skills learned: Design thinking practice, customer discovery, user interviews, backlog creation and management, core team communication, confidence building
  • Frameworks covered: Personas, wireframes & prototypes, interview guides, lean testing, user stories, retrospectives
Upcoming Foundations sessions

These workshops are scheduled across multiple days in short blocks of time, allowing for participation from different time zones.

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"I found the communication and preparation before the workshop great - the intro materials, advice on equipment for the workshop, tools used etc."

Remote workshop attendee

What you’ll learn

Product Management Foundations is a remote training workshop taking place over two half-days. Each module includes a lecture component on theory and practice, interspersed with hands-on activities where you’ll work through your own product challenges. This means that you will have the opportunity to apply and work with concepts in a setting that will answer questions and facilitate critical thinking.

Product Development Lifecycle

  • The stages of the product lifecycle and how they fit into your role
  • Learning Mindsets and how they apply at each stage of the product lifecycle
  • Evolving your craft as a product manager

Goals Alignment

  • OKRs vs. KPIs vs. Metrics
  • Breaking down business goals for your product
  • Aligning the team and organisation around goals
  • The difference between business goals and product outcomes

Hypothesis and Testing

  • Crafting an effective hypothesis
  • Ways to test your hypothesis
  • Planning a valuable experiment

User Interviews

  • Creating user interview scripts
  • Different types of interview
  • Components of a user interview and when to use them
  • Conducting user interviews and avoiding bias

Product Roadmapping

  • Understand the purpose of a roadmap
  • Determine the right structure for your product roadmap
  • Facilitate a collaborative roadmap creation and update process
  • Identify outcomes and themes out of features and solutions

Your Role in the Team

  • How to lead without authority
  • Cultivating psychological safety
  • Nurturing creativity

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How does remote work?

In order to continue offering product management training in a safe environment for our attendees and trainers, we have devised this new interactive, remote workshop format, run as two consecutive half-day sessions.

You can focus all of your time and energy into two concentrated half-days of product learning, and as with our in-person workshops, you’ll get full access to our tried-and-tested Foundations curriculum, expert trainers, and a community of product peers.

Each half-day will include live online lectures interspersed with regular discussion, Q&As, and group activities to encourage hands-on learning. We’ll use Zoom and other digital collaboration tools.

To keep you energised and engaged, we’ll also run warm-ups and icebreakers, and take regular breaks.

Please note: This workshop is run as two half-day sessions and you must attend both parts

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