Product-led Certification Course

Take the course and get product-led certified to grow your knowledge and advance your product career.

What do the most successful companies like Zoom, Tesla, and Walmart have in common? They’re all product-led organizations with product-led employees, and they represent the future of business. The business world has been ablaze with talk of “product-led growth” over the last few years, and the most successful product managers put the product at the center of their companies to influence organizational priorities and build better customer experiences. This course takes an interactive look at the fundamentals of being a product-led product manager at your organization, including and beyond product-led growth, and prepares you to apply product-led strategies to your business.

Who should take this course?

This course is designed for product managers and business leaders who want to deepen their understanding of product-led methodologies and start applying product-led strategies to elevate their careers and their organizations. Whether you're transitioning from a sales-led model or launching a new product, this course can help you understand the value of and best practices for becoming a product-led product manager.

This course covers:

  • Leveraging your product to solve key challenges across every part of the business
  • Breaking down data silos and using product insights to inform strategies up to the executive level
  • Driving growth by putting your product at the center of the customer experience
  • Employing product-led growth tactics to empower sales teams

What to expect:

  • Product-led tactics you can start implementing at your own organization
  • Best practices for improving launches, feature adoption, user onboarding, and more
  • Real-world examples from product-led companies
  • Exercises to help you solidify learnings and plan your own product-led strategy
  • Insights from industry leaders and product-led experts
  • Engaging, instructor-led videos that you can view at your own pace
  • Optional Pendo self-guided tours to see product-led tactics in action

Course materials:

  • Downloadable workbook
  • Exam study guide

Time commitment: 3 hours

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