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Welcome to a world-class negotiation training agency. We provide impactful training courses in negotiations delivered by recognized experts. Read below to discover the Powerup Programme: our intensive course open to everyone.

The Powerup Programme is a unique live course to learn the art and science of negotiation. Through case studies, simulations, peer review and expert lectures, you will master this critical skill that is used every day.

About the training provider

PowerUP School offers a world-class negotiation training program that is focused on helping individuals learn the art and science of negotiation. The training is delivered by recognized experts and is designed to help participants acquire the necessary skills to maximize value for their company, build leadership skills, and inspire others. The PowerUP Programme is a unique live course that employs case studies, simulations, peer reviews, and expert lectures to provide a complete understanding of negotiation dynamics and tactics.

Participants in the program will learn how to negotiate constructively, increase their influence, overcome conflict, and make decisions based on ethical values. The programme structure consists of a one-day course online that covers the most effective negotiation frameworks and concepts. The course is applicable from day one and offers practical training to all participants.

The PowerUP Programme is ideal for young leaders and entrepreneurs, professionals in advisory roles, and early to mid-career professionals who want to gain the skills and confidence to negotiate successfully at work, build their careers, and move up to more senior roles. The founder and lead teacher of the programme, Catherine Maitrier, is a top-rated negotiation teacher at France's prestigious Institute of Political Studies. She is a graduate of UC Berkeley, Georgetown Law School, and Sciences Po Paris and delivers the PowerUP Programme in live workshops.

The course syllabus covers a wide range of topics that include negotiation basics, value creation, information role and framing, negotiation dynamics, and tactics. The programme also focuses on increasing influence, managing difficult conversations, dealing with cognitive biases, and forging agreements within groups. The PowerUP Programme includes negotiation simulations, mini-case analysis, case studies, self-reflection exercises, and negotiation games, making it a highly interactive and engaging training course.