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Quarterly Performance Review Template

  • 📝 Free quarterly performance review template [Word/Google Docs]
  • ✍️ Enable a structured approach with clear steps for pre-, during, and post-review phases
  • 💡Includes tips for managers to set the stage for a positive and constructive conversation
Are your quarterly reviews catalysts for growth and achievement?

Not there yet? Your solution is here: our template for quarterly performance reviews.

This template will be your go-to tool for transformative feedback sessions that employees don't just appreciate but look forward to!

What this template includes 

Our quarterly employee performance review template is segmented into intuitive sections, covering everything from pre-review preparation to setting new goals. It includes:

  • 🕒 Clear steps for pre-, during, and post-review phases.
  • 💬 Spaces for adding detailed feedback, covering achievements, areas for improvement, and overall performance.
  • 🎯 A goal-setting section grounded in SMART principles for clarity and achievability.
  • 👂 Dedicated segment for collecting employee feedback, ensuring their voice is heard and valued.
  • 🚀 Guidelines for learning and development opportunities.
  • 🛣️ Final notes to document the roadmap ahead, ensuring no commitment slips through the cracks.

Embark on a journey of collective growth where feedback sessions become the stepping stones to success, not just an administrative formality. 

When to use this template

Whether you're a seasoned leader or a first-time manager, we designed this template to eliminate the guesswork from quarterly performance reviews. Use it to:

  • Transform anxiety-loaded reviews into constructive, two-way conversations.
  • Identify and nurture the strengths of your team members, turning hidden potential into standout achievement.
  • Foster a culture of openness where employee feedback is encouraged and acted upon.
  • Follow up effectively, showing your unwavering commitment to your employees' professional development.
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