Download: Editable PDF

Performance Improvement Plan Template (PDF)

  • A simple Performance Improvement Plan template as an editable PDF
  • All editable fields can be filled by employees, managers, or People Ops
  • Bonus: Examples for each category to serve as inspiration when filling your plan.

Don't let your employees' potential go to waste. Give them the tools and support they need to excel with our performance improvement plan template in pdf format.

Our free template can help you streamline the process and improve the performance of your employees quickly and efficiently. 

The easy-to-use format provides a structured framework and will help you:

  • Improve employee performance.
  • Build their skills and knowledge.
  • Improve employee engagement and retention.
  • Align employee performance with company expectations.

Download our performance improvement plan template in pdf format today and start seeing results in no time.

Looking for a performance improvement plan template in word version? You can find it here: ➡️ Word version: PIP Template.

Our word template also contains an array of examples - goals, activities, and check-in talking points, just to name a few.