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Competency Mapping Template

Ever found yourself overwhelmed while trying to align your team's competencies with their role-specific activities? 

Or perhaps, have you stared blankly at an Excel sheet, wondering where to even begin with competency mapping

We've been there too. That's why we crafted our competency mapping template. 

Our template isn't just a time-saver. It's a clarity-bringer. 

Instead of fumbling through formatting and guessing the most relevant competencies for your employees, we offer you a guided journey.

How it works:

  1. Kick things off by brainstorming every possible competency you can think of— functionaltechnical, and core competencies. Lay them all out in the spreadsheet. 
  2. Then, capture all the crucial activities your team undertakes.
  3. Here's where the magic happens: you'll rate the synergy between each activity and competency from—1 (not so relevant) to a solid 3 (spot on!).
  4. Now it's time for our intelligent competency mapping template Excel to do the heavy lifting for you. It'll spotlight your top competencies—input the number of competencies you want to get out of the mapping exercise. 

The best part? Your selected competencies seamlessly transition to sheet 2, where you can assess your teams against these must-have competencies. 

Imagine the hours saved, the headaches avoided, and the clarity achieved when you leverage this ready-to-use template. 

With our competency mapping solution, you're not just filling in a template but crafting a strategic playbook for your team's success. Think competency-based appraisals, where evaluations reflect true skills and capabilities. Or competency development plans that define the paths to upskilling. 

Don't waste hours creating tools from scratch. Map competencies out, refine, and excel with our template. 

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