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Employee Annual Performance Review Template

  • 📝 Free employee annual performance review template [Word/Google Docs]
  • ✍️ Includes a structured and comprehensive approach to reviewing employee performance and detailed guidance for managers
  • 👥 Bid farewell to employee apprehension about the annual review process and review inconsistency across departments or teams

We know you're on a quest for the perfect annual performance review solution for your organization. One that's comprehensive yet not overwhelmingly complicated

And that can facilitate constructive and meaningful feedback flows between managers and their people, making reviews a growth-oriented people rather than a dreaded event. 

Your search ends here. Our free annual performance review template isn't just another simplistic document. It's a roadmap for your people's growth. 

Our experts meticulously crafted this annual employee performance review template to enable clarity, consistency, and, above all, constructive feedback.

Gone are the days of inconsistent and time-consuming reviews. Help your managers with preparation prompts and examples to help them write meaningful reviews that can inspire growth.

Take a step-by-step to evaluate employee performance by focusing on:

  • skillset, task quality, and efficiency;
  • performance ratings (we've included an optional rating scale with 3 levels: exceeds expectations, meets expectations, and below expectations);
  • milestones reached;
  • encountered obstacles;
  • improvement areas.

This template also guides managers and their reports toward setting impactful goals for the following year.

❓ Feel free to customize this template with additional questions from our comprehensive list of 70+ best performance review questions.

It's time to make reviews a celebrated growth tool, not just an annual ritual. Download our free annual performance review template now and lead the change in fostering employee development.

PS: If you're still pondering whether to implement annual or mid-year review cycles, we have your back regardless of your choice. Download the Mid-year performance review template.