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90 Day Performance Review Template

  • 🔍 A clear and structured 90 day performance review template word
  • 🗣️ Key focus areas for your performance review and follow-up questions for meaningful discussions
  • 🏆 Best practices and tips to enable your leaders to hold 90 day performance reviews that motivate long-term growth and performance

Transitioning into a new role within a company can be both exhilarating and challenging for your new hires. 

And it can also take a toll on the receiving team if your processes are not well-documented and structured.  

Our 90-day review template will assist in this crucial phase. It offers a structured approach, ensuring that your managers and new hires have a productive conversation around early experiences, cultural fit, performance metrics, and future aspirations:

  1. 🌎 A comprehensive 90 day assessment starts with the employee's cultural fit – a critical component to ensure alignment with the company's core values and a harmonious integration into the team dynamics. 
  2. 📜 The next step is gauging the employee's role understanding, which is vital for ensuring they're on the right track and are clear about their responsibilities.
  3. 📊 When evaluating employee competencies, the template encourages managers to include concrete examples, making the feedback tangible and relatable
  4. 🚧 Addressing concerns or gaps isn't just about identifying areas of improvement, but it's also about brainstorming solutions. It shows the employees that they can overcome challenges with proper support and resources.
  5. 💬 Feedback from the employee's perspective is equally crucial. Their take on the available tools, resources, and support offers insights into potential areas needing enhancements, ensuring a smooth and efficient employee journey.
  6. 🌱 Training and support don't stop after onboarding. Our template emphasizes continued growth, encouraging managers to recommend further training and resources. 
  7. 🚀  Setting a foundation for future performance metrics and discussing development plans ensures that the manager and the employee have a vision for what lies ahead.

This 90-day performance review template is more than just an evaluation tool. It's a platform for growth, understanding, and future planning, ensuring that the employee's early journey is as productive and enlightening as possible.