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The Ultimate 360 Feedback & Performance Review Guide

  • 🛠 Free performance review guide for managers and HR
  • 📊 Everything you need to know for setting up a 360 feedback or performance system
  • ☑️ Includes examples from companies like Netflix and a customizable launch checklist

Your go-to-guide for everything 360 feedback and performance

Planning to create a scalable 360 feedback system like the most innovative places to work - but unsure where to start?

Our free 360 feedback and performance review guide is the perfect place to get started.

360 feedback guide categories


  • 📡 Landscape and review types: What is out there in the first place?
  • 🛠 Finding the right feedback system: How to build the best system for your organization?
  • 💬 Communication & launch: How to launch the system effectively?
  • 📊 Analyzing the results: What do you do with the feedback?
  • 🏆 Inspiration & examples from other companies
  • ☑️ Your own customizable launch checklist

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