Deliver unique onboarding experiences without getting lost in the busywork.

Employee onboarding doesn't have to be messy. Automate the busywork and focus on creating a welcoming experience that connects people from everywhere, at speed.

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View of a company onboarding journey that leads employees step-wise through the platform.

"Zavvy helps us get new hires up to speed fast and with ease"

“Our company is growing extremely fast. Zavvy helps us onboard new colleagues at scale and get them up to speed quickly. What they value most is the engaging experience that motivates them and tests their knowledge."

Christina Stihl
L&D Manager at roadsurfer
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Employee Onboarding: Simplified by Zavvy

Save time without scaling your cost. That’s right. Set up a one-time process of introducing new hires to everyday workflows, and colleagues.

Benefit of automated employee onboarding 3

Offer clarity on role expectations and internal tools. New developer? Train them on your tech stack. New CS manager? Guide them through your product.

Benefit of automated employee onboarding 2

 Employees are one of your biggest assets. Make them feel valuable with thoughtfully designed processes. Result? Increased job satisfaction and retention.

Benefit of automated employee onboarding 6

Things get lost when sending every single document to every single hire per mail. This way, everyone gets the same, complete, treatment.

Make all your company knowledge easily accessible so you spend less time answering common questions.

Sure, compliance is boring. But it's important. Know when everyone finishes their mandatory training - with proof.

Choose from a variety of onboarding templates

Template selection for different onboarding journeys. templates reflect best practices for onboarding new hires.

Or build your own in minutes.

Create your unique onboarding template from scratch. Drag and drop internal documents, images, tasks, and external content for a complete and a welcoming experience. With this, you will save time without sacrificing your employee’s onboarding journey.

Assigning a journey to an employee to then receive automated reminders. Progress is shown on a new hire level.

Train new colleagues
on autopilot

Manage and assign  journeys to your new colleagues with the click of a button. Help them stay on track through automated reminders. Make knowledge stick through quizzes and reflections.

Track effectiveness and optimize

Keep an eye on everyone’s progress without manually reminding them of deadlines. Receive and give feedback on every piece of content. Only include information your people can benefit from, and leave out ones that drive minimum impact.

Integrate your favourite apps.

No need to add people one-by-one. Import profiles from Personio easily with just a few clicks.
Reach people where they are. Push automatic notifications or foster exchange.
Reach people where they are. Push automatic notifications or foster exchange.


Create your unique onboarding experience today.

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Creating an onboarding program with Zavvy goes beyond sending checklists.

Offer guidance to new hires — every step of the way. Create excitement during the first weeks, introduce your unique values, or create job-specific clarity with customisable training programs. Once they’re through, help them grow further into their role.

& Welcome


Excite your new hires in advance. Send your company merchandise, and guide them through all your necessary documents — organised in one place.

Company Onboarding

Use our templates to introduce new hires to your company values, teams, scorecards, and everything else they need to know.

Social integration
& Processes
Role Clarity
& Time-to-productivity

Functional Onboarding

Bring people up-to-speed by creating role-specific clarity, and sharing information, instrumental to their growth.

Continuous Development

Stay up-to-date with trends or internal updates. Dive into new topics, and offer guidance to your team on how things are done.

& Retention