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While flexible work models are here to stay, they can make people feel disconnected, isolated, and insecure. Help your colleagues maintain meaningful connections, become more resilient, and ready for change.

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How Zavvy will help you master the hybrid work challenge.

Working remotely, everybody can feel isolated. Connect people wherever they are and help them have meaningful conversations to create lasting bonds.

Less physical meetings and human relations lead to people feeling disconnected, insecure, and stressed. Give your people the tools they need to stay calm, relaxed, and optimistic.

Change can be intimidating. Create a culture of growth, empathy, and curiosity.

Give your leaders the tools they need.

Help your leaders navigate their people through turbulent times and constantly adapt.

Microlessons with small action items to manage change better
Weekly lesson - 5 min
Delivered via Slack or Teams. Lesson on Zavvy.
Inspired by Google's Whisper courses: Nudges that improve behavior by 22-40%.

Take mental health seriously

Isolation and insecurity in remote work are a major cause of mental health problems. Help your people stay confident and happy.

Mini-task on resilience, gratitude, self-reflection,...
Delivered via Slack or Teams.
McKinsey & Co reports show that nudging improves employees’ wellbeing.

Create an empathic, open culture

Promote a culture of openness and empathy. Create meaningful connections between people - wherever they may be.

Connect people to openly discuss failure
and strengthen empathy.
Delivered via Slack or Teams.
Inspired by Cisco Systems Inc. and other companies that invest in empathy - for a culture of openness and growth.

Integrating with your favorite tools

No need to add people one-by-one. Import profiles from Personio easily with just a few clicks.
Reach people where they are. Push automatic notifications or foster exchange.
Reach people where they are. Push automatic notifications or foster exchange.


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