Deliver unique onboarding experiences without drowning in manual work.

Employee onboarding doesn't have to be messy. Create a welcoming, structured experience that guides people through their first weeks and leaves a lasting impression.

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These fast-growing companies are hiring hundreds of people every year without having to worry about onboarding.

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Employee Onboarding: Simplified by Zavvy

Save time without scaling your cost. Set up a one-time process of introducing new hires to everyday workflows, and colleagues.

Benefit of automated employee onboarding  software 3: Save time

Offer clarity on role expectations and internal tools. New developer? Train them on your tech stack. New CS manager? Guide them through your product.

Benefit of automated employee onboarding software: Speed to prductivity

Employees are one of your biggest assets. Make them feel valuable with thoughtfully designed processes. Result? Increased job satisfaction and retention.

Benefit of automated employee onboarding 6

Things are easily lost when repeatedly sending documents to new hires over email. Ensure everyone gets the same, complete, information.

Benefit of automated employee onboarding software: Structure

Make all your company knowledge easily accessible so you spend less time answering common questions.

Employee onboarding software makes sure you get less ad-hoc requests

Sure, compliance is boring. But it's important. Know when everyone finishes their mandatory training - with proof.

Include mandatory training into your automated employee onboarding software workflow

Build your first onboarding in minutes.

Start with a template or from scratch.  Drag and drop internal documents, images, tasks, and external content for a complete and a welcoming experience. With this, you will save time without sacrificing your employee’s onboarding journey.

Screen of Zavvy's automated onboarding software: Step by step process that can be filled with rich text, company mission, intros,...
The employee onboarding software's automation capabilities allow for assignment tracking, automated sending out of messages, reminders, matching people with onboarding buddies, feedback collection, and more.

Train new colleagues
on autopilot

Manage and assign journeys to your new colleagues with the click of a button. Help them stay on track through automated reminders. Make knowledge stick through quizzes and reflections.

Integrate your favorite apps

Connect tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams to reach people where they are. Integrate HRMs systems like Personio to sync users. And enrich the journey content with embeds from Youtube, Typeform, and many more.

Automated employee onboarding via slack. Admins can defined message, channel, and more
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Create an onboarding experience new team members will love

Fast-growing tech companies are already using Zavvy to create remote experiences at the click of a button. When will you?

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How Employee Onboarding Software helps you create experiences at scale

About a third of new hires leaves during their first 6 months in the job. One of the main reasons for that: A bad onboarding experience. With the right employee onboarding software, you will create a lasting impression from day 1 - wherever your colleagues work from. For happier, more engaged employees.

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